Take Back Monday.

Finally, every feed, field, and data point in one source of truth, so you’re not spending all day pulling together reports. Burt is the publisher BI platform that knows 98% accuracy is not enough.

Trusted by Top Publishers

— Director of Comscore Top 10 Publisher

“We did not even know we had access to certain data before we partnered with Burt.

Now, we can analyze it and report on all of our data. We have also, then, been able to take on more accounts that we did not know we could handle.”

— Dan Merritt, Director, Strategy & Partnerships, AutoTrader.ca

“Burt is an essential part of our workflow. My team was spending several hours per week performing manual tasks, and now they spend that time providing clients with more strategic advice.”


Most publisher BI tools leave discrepancies, forcing you to chase down dollars.
And every time you have a problem, they try to upsell you to solve it.

At Burt, we stake our reputation on customizing our service and product to meet your needs.

The result?

Take back the time you currently spend creating reports.

Get the peace of mind of numbers that meet the standard for billing.

And make more data-driven decisions — because the data you need is right in front of you.


Every publisher says it is data-driven.
But most have to chase down the data to justify each decision.

With Burt, all the data you need is at your fingertips, so you can make smarter decisions and generate more revenue.